paul whitehead

In 7th grade I started playing D&D. I played a rogue adventurer (thief/fighter/mage) exploring the worlds we imagined as we rolled dice and drank soda.  I loved creating worlds for my friends to play in, watching them as they carved out their own fate in the stories we created.  Later I expanded into different genres and systems, creating many systems myself for my friends to discover.  I was always amazed and surprised at what people would do in the sandboxes I created.  What characters they would birth?  What stories would evolve between game sessions?
Years later I entered the world of video games as a concept artist designing units and buildings for a never published Aliens vs. Predator RTS.  Later I branched out, doing everything in the art department I could.  I have created art, modeled worlds, made magic and lead teams. 
Although the mediums have changed from dice to random number generators, from pen and pencil to gamepads, mice and keyboards, the love of creating worlds remains.  So here I am, still doing my part to create worlds for others to live adventures in, to tell their stories in and mostly to enjoy playing in.
On the following pages you will find some of the work I have created.